Welcome to Aman Real Estate Services (PVT) LTD

Aman Real Estate Services ( PVT ) LTD has been Established with effect from Jan 12,1998,Provide the services in this sector as Marketing & Construction with the aim that to help in developing modern community living with all the comforts and amenities of 21st Century at affordable cost for the middle & low income groups. Our aim is helping to our clients purchase plots or construction of houses. We offer affordable solutions to common problems of everyday life and bring comfort at your door step, making you feel comfortable and secure. Ever since the advent of mankind on this earth, the urge to own a safe & secure place to live has also evolved. Sometimes it emerges as a child's sand castles or at time in the shape of a shack due to meager resources. Some call it "home sweet home” All this can be true only if Allah al-Mighty has blessed us with a piece of land. When necessity & esthetic sense are combined there arises a desire to identify a land, which has ideal location & affordability. Our first priority is to shape up appropriate cost of land and then provide you peaceful atmosphere according to your standards and desires is the key element of our planning. Hopefully, you will materialize your dreams with our highly experienced and professional team. Your trust and acceptance is the best reward for us and it provides us the encouragement to explore future horizons.